Why Us?

With a history of success and customer satisfaction, we provide what is rarest with others. While we have the use of your property, you receive a GUARANTEED MONTHLY RENT and a worry-free management service. Our policies ensure your rent is wholly 'insured' and we deliver it as prompt as possible. Contact us to see how we do it differently. Call us now: 0208 088 9019


No intermediaries in rent payment. Rent delivered to you directly every month. No tenancy issues. No involvement with court action. No court fees. Professional management services from EXPERTS. Full vacant possession at the end of the lease at no cost to you. Utility bills/water rates/council tax paid by tenants. Regular property inspections.

Contact Us

Do you have a property you want to let? Are you afraid that it might all go wrong because of mistrust? We are here to give you what is very rare with others. Simply Contact us today to see how we do it differently. Call now on: 0208 088 9019. Email us directly at info@3let.co.uk or our Appraisal Team at: sales@3let.co.uk